WRLCC Grant Policy


The Westport & Rideau Lakes Chamber of Commerce (WRLCC) recognizes the many benefits the various groups, organizations, volunteers and events within the Municipality provide by promoting and improving upon the cultural, social and economic wellbeing of the community.  It is for this reason that WRLCC is committed to treating all requests for contributions in a consistent, fair, equitable and transparent manner subject to local needs, priorities and the Chamber’s approved budget. 


The Board of the WRLCC will approve the allocation of funds annually as part of the budget approval process.

Generally, the Chamber will consider requests for contributions to events and programs held within our communities that:

  • Encourage, promote, and support the economic interests of our members and our communities.
  • Are of economic, cultural or recreational significance to our communities
  • Promote and improve trade and commerce within our communities
  • Promote and improve the economic, civil and social interests of our communities.

The Chamber will NOT consider requests that:

  • Are discriminatory in nature or may incite hatred towards any group
  • Activities that are contrary to the mission, vision and/or purpose of the Chamber
  • Activities that are or may appear to be unlawful
  • Have no other contributors but the Chamber
  • Are for individuals for personal use

While the Chamber will consider requests for contributions, there is no guarantee that a request will be approved.  Grants made by the Chamber are not to be regarded as a commitment of the Chamber to future ongoing contributions. 


The WRLCC will consider Grant applications twice yearly and will invite applications for Grants on its website outlining the applications process and applicable deadlines.  Applicants are to complete and submit the following in order to be considered for funding:

  • WRLCC Grant Request Form (download below)
  • Full description of the program or event and any related marketing materials

Applications and accompanying materials are to be forwarded via email to [email protected] .  Incomplete applications will not be considered.


Contribution requests of less than $100 matching the criteria set out above may be approved by the Executive Committee without prior consultation with the Chamber Board.   Contribution requests of greater than $100 require full Board approval.


Once approved, the Treasurer will notify the successful applicant and will transfer the funds accordingly. 

Unsuccessful candidates will be contacted by a member of the Executive Committee and will be provided with the Board’s reason(s) for rejection. 

All applicants will be provided with written notice of the approval status of their application. 

Nothing in this policy prohibits the Chamber from considering financial assistance outside the scope of this policy.  The Chamber will consider each case based on its merits and any assistance provided will be without precedent.